Great ingredients lie at the heart of Bombay Perfumery. One of our fragrances is Calicut, a spicy & warm perfume for men, where Black Pepper stands out beautifully.

Black Pepper has been revered for its taste & scent since time immemorial. Popularly known as the King of Spices, it is perhaps the most widely used spice across the world.

Archaeological evidence points to black pepper being used since the past 2000 years and its importance has only increased as the years have passed. From Egypt to Rome to the rest of Europe, black pepper has been incomparable in its reach.

In perfumery, it is known for its hot and bracing note as well as its earthy warmness.

Today, we have sourced it from its origin, though the production of black pepper has diversified worldwide. As the key ingredient in our Calicut, black pepper creates an instant recall to something that’s familiar yet so different.

August 16, 2017 — Digital Impressions