Perfumes by Bombay Perfumery

Contemporary in nature yet rooted in the fine tradition of perfumery, our Eau de Parfums are designed to weave a story. Crafted by renowned international perfumers, each fragrance has a distinct perspective that makes an impression every single time.

Candles by Bombay Perfumery

Designed to celebrate the mood you’re in, whether it’s serene, playful, or charming, our range of Fine Fragrance Candles elevate the occasion every single day. Crafted from a complex blend of ingredients, each candle has been created by renowned French perfumers with a nose for crafting experiences. Each one of the candles is made from soy wax for a cleaner burning, devoid of toxins and carcinogens which are often found in paraffin candles.

Gift Guide for Men

Gifts for Him

Bold, distinct, or subtle – a smorgasbord of scents awaits you at Bombay Perfumery. 

Our Gifts for Him have been designed keeping style, sophistication, and mastery in mind. Individualistic fragrances that stand out from the rest, soothing home fragrances that create a cocoon, and more, each fragrance has been carefully picked to reflect the many facets of Him.

Gift Guide for Women

Gifts for Her

Iconoclastic fragrances for individualistic women.

Our beautiful and thought-provoking Gifts for Her are designed to elevate the everyday. With true craftsmanship at their core, each fragrance has been formulated by renowned perfumers designed to evoke a mood, a feeling, or an emotion. Gift an experience that lasts.

About Us

Bombay Perfumery is a contemporary fragrance house based out of Mumbai that focuses on offering progressive perfumery trends to its customers. With a rich legacy of 30 years in the business of fragrances, we understand how various ingredients work together to create distinct fragrances that are long lasting and full of character.

Bombay Perfumery is a labor of love where each perfume is carefully built so as to highlight the provenance of the ingredients that go into it, evoking a distinct memory every time you open the bottle. We invite you to explore the beautiful world of perfumery with our range of eau de parfums, which are Indian at heart, modern in their aesthetic and unique in the experience they provide.