Spicy and fresh, Lemongrass is one of those ingredients that’s easily discernible.

The aromatic plant thrives in tropical countries and has been used for food technology, traditional medicine and essential oils. It’s commonly cultivated for both food & fragrance as its aroma is quite citrusy and fresh yet sharp.

Lemongrass was first noted for distillation as far back as the 17th century in the Phillipines. In India, it has been favoured through the ages & is commonly known as ”Choomana Poolu” as a nod to the grass’ red stems.

Lemongrass is a key ingredient for our Chai Musk and, indeed, was the turning point for the perfumer. Having tasted it in her tea from a roadside stall in Bombay, she was spurred on to create a modern interpretation of chai, with lemongrass as a top note!


September 27, 2017 — Digital Impressions