The process of perfumery reflects the merging of art and science. Yet, at the heart of it, are the ingredients. For Bombay Perfumery, we source the finest ingredients from around the world, while paying homage to the rich history of India when it comes to perfumery.

One of the most distinctive ingredients used in our fragrances is Tuberose. Heady with a hint of creaminess, it is sourced from South India and is known for the sensuousness it lends to a fragrance.

The flower was introduced to India via the Phillipines and was then introduced to Europe and has been used in perfumery since the 17th century. It’s revered thanks to its complex and explosive nature. In fact, there’s a certain myth set during the time of the Renaissance. where it was forbidden for unmarried girls to walk through tuberose gardens and expose themselves to the strong narcotic scent that had the power of driving men mad!


Armed with tuberose’s flair, our Moire is a modern interpretation of feminine strength. Contrasted with leather, another forget-me-not scent, the fragrance makes a bold statement.

August 14, 2017 — Digital Impressions