About Us

Indian at Heart | Modern in Aesthetic | Unique in Experience

A contemporary fragrance house founded in 2016, Bombay Perfumery offers progressive perfumery trends to its discerning clientele. We source fine ingredients from around the world such as Vetiver Oil from Haiti, Patchouli Oil and Nutmeg from Indonesia, Cinnamon from Sri Lanka as well as native ingredients from Coonoor, Kannauj, and Tirupati, and work with talented perfumers to create individualistic fragrances that create a lasting memory.

A labor of love where each fragrance is carefully built, Bombay Perfumery’s perfumes and candles have been conceptualised by Manan Gandhi to evoke a distinct memory when experienced.

40 years of deep passion

Rooted in a family that has been entrenched in the Indian fragrances industry for over 40 years, Bombay Perfumery was born out of a deep passion for perfumery. A deep yet instinctual understanding of the Indian consumer’s personalities and desires convinced us to launch a niche perfumery brand which suits their lifestyle.

To this end, we directly work with farmers around the world to source rare and pure ingredients as well as renowned perfumers to create one-of-their-kind olfactory directions that tempt today’s dynamic populace: Indian in sensibility, but with a global outlook.

Indian in sensibility, global in outlook

Through our well-rounded fragrances and candles, we hope to pay homage to the rich history of scent-making that has been a part of India since time immemorial. By using the finest ingredients available and by capturing essences and memories - such as particularly well-made cup of tea - our desire is to help you create a deeper relationship with scent; one that’s unique, rooted, yet ephemeral.

Special Projects

Apart from our existing products, we have also collaborated with noteworthy designers, thinkers, and creators to craft a unique vision in perfumery together.

Devdar Spring

Our latest collaboration, Devdar Spring, crafted in conjunction with Pahadi Local, is a fine fragrance candle designed to evoke the magic and beauty of the hills.


Our fine fragrance candle, ela’s story has been beautifully illustrated by visual artist Shweta Malhotra. A limited edition candle, this packaging speaks of the playfulness of the candle, balanced by its key ingredients.

A Line for a Stray

Created in conjunction with Paper Planes and the We Exist foundation, A Line for a Stray is a limited edition candle where the proceeds went towards the latter in an attempt to offer a better life for Delhi’s stray dogs.

Bespoke Candles

We also create bespoke candles in collaboration with designers and consumers alike. Recently, we were commissioned by architect Rooshad Shroff to make a one-of-a-kind fine fragrance candle that captures his ethos.

If you’d like to commission a bespoke candle, do reach out to us at hi@bombayperfumery.com. We are able to create something new for you with a minimum order quantity of 200 candles