Our new series Inspired By looks at intriguing thought processes and awe-inspiring works of art that inspire, amuse, and encourage us. 

Glimpses of strength and grace – Tropical Modernism brings that and much more to the plate. Significant because of the way it is designed for its environment, the stunning architectural style brings balance to the fore.

Our new candle Pondicherry Yellow is reminiscent of balance in the way distinct scents are handled deftly. A certain pride accompanies it, in the usage of fine Indian ingredients – the same pride that infuses Tropical Modernism and its use of indigenous material.

Known for its wide open spaces and increased ventilation, Tropical Modernism stands out yet fits in beautifully. With its statement ingredients such as turmeric, coconut and sandalwood, Pondicherry Yellow also walks that very same tightrope.

Courtyard by Geoffrey Bawa. Source.

Photo by Frits Meyest. Source.

Vladimir Ossipoff’s work in Hawaii. Source.

September 21, 2021 — Digital Impressions