In our latest series, we explore how exactly some of the more rare ingredients we work with smell. Today, it’s all about the elegant and statuesque Amber.

Almost mystical in its presence & perception, Amber is known through the lens of poetry & symbolism since ages. Popularly known as Tears of the Sun, Tiger’s Soul, Window to the Past and Petrified Light, amber is fossilized tree resin that has taken millions of years to form. Inspired by its inherent aroma, the amber note is created using a complex blend of ingredients and has a warm, sweet and woody fragrance – which is brought out in our candle Moon Set.

Apart from perfumery, amber is known for being a precious gemstone and a medicinal remedy too. Originally available from around the word, the oldest amber deposits were found in Europe, with about 50 different types of fossil resin deposits.

Amber oil is not a direct result of the fossilized resin but is, in fact, created using a blend of complex ingredients that is engineered by perfumers to create a distinctive aroma, and hence is not a standardized fragrance that is easily found around the world. Typically labdanum, benzoin & vanilla are used to create the amber note and the proportions of this can be managed to achieve the effect that the perfumers have in mind.

The layered ingredient adds elegance, sweetness and warmth to fragrance, thereby adding depth to it. In our Moon Set, we have paired it with Freesia, Vanilla, Patchouli, Sandalwood and Musk for a warm, restful and inviting candle that allows one to be.

September 21, 2021 — Digital Impressions