In our latest series, we explore how exactly some of the more rare ingredients we work with smell. Today, it’s all about earthy yet sweet Guaicwood.

Originating from the Palo Santo tree, Guaicwood has a distinct sort of earthiness that is reminiscent of honey and tar at the same time. For our perfume Les Cayes, we used it as a heart note to add strength yet softness to the laid-back fragrance.


Originating from South America, guiacwood is known for its elegant scent as well as its medicinal properties – which Is where its name Palo Santo, or Tree of Life comes from. The scent itself is heavy – smoky, rubbery, tar-like, accented by honey-sweet tones – almost like a dense balsamic! It does not weigh down a fragrance but gives it a bit of depth that makes all the difference.

Guaicwood oil is obtained via steam distillation and is most popularly used in perfumery today.

For our Les Cayes, Guaicwood gives balance to the easy breezy fragrance highlighted with lemon, vetiver, bergamot, cedar wood & musk, handling the lighter citrus notes and the heavier musky notes with aplomb.

September 22, 2021 — Digital Impressions