Perfume has an ephemeral quality to it which makes it very desirable yet very hard to pin down. When it comes to gifting, perfume announces that one has paid attention to the personality & likes of the other person, making it a great option.

However, it can be quite tough to narrow down on a fragrance – here are a few points that could direct you.


One of the foremost tips is ascertaining the personality of the receiver. If they enjoy classic art and aesthetics, they might enjoy a timeless ingredient such as Tuberose or Cedarwood. If they are quite active and athletic, they might enjoy a fragrance that brings freshness to mind – such as Lemon and Bergamot.


If you know that the receiver enjoys using different fragrances according to day & occasion, a good idea would to be gift a perfume based around an event. For instance, if they enjoy evenings out at cultural venues, then gifting a fragrance for their next evening out would add charm to the gift.

Tried & Tested

An easy way to ascertain whether the receiver would like the fragrance is to go through what they might already have – both in terms of perfumes and ingredients. That would be a good indicator to understand what new fragrances they might like, therefore simplifying the process.


Beyond Scent

A risky move but one that could work out beautifully is to forget all about their preferences and gift something they would never have bought for themselves. If they enjoy deep woody fragrances, for instance, you could gift a fresh citrusy fragrance with a hint of wood just so that it’s different yet similar at the same time.


May 23, 2018 — Digital Impressions