Like perfumery, architecture has the transformative power to propel one to the future or remind one of a time gone by. In our latest series, we’ve decoded the link between our fragrances to architectural styles that reflect them the most.

Our women’s fragrance Madurai Talkies, with its notes of Jasmine, Rose & Violet, evokes a complex set of emotions from nostalgia & wistfulness to charm – much like awe-inspiring South Indian Temple Architecture.

Srirangam Temple. Image Source

Monumental in every aspect, South Indian temples have wowed and inspired devotees & non-devotees alike since the 7th century.

Much like how the temple’s sanctum sanctorum is enhanced by its superstructure with densely woven miniature shrines & sculptures, Madurai Talkies is built up by its layering of similar and different ingredients – rose, jasmine and violet infuse the scent with timeless elegance while white musk & cedarwood support & enhance the fragrance.

Lead Image Source 

May 15, 2018 — Digital Impressions