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 One of India’s oldest cities,  Ahmedabad has evolved into an industrial & design mainstay over the years. Today, it’s known for its holistic approach to design and culture and its food trails.


Ahmedabad is known for its diverse architecture. From intricate Jain temples to modernist structures, the city’s got it all. Explore Adalaj ni Vav, a rock-cut stepwell that’s adorned with finely carved details of Hindu & Jain mythology, along with flora and fauna.

Adalaj Ni Vav. Image Source

Head to Hussain ni Gufa next, an underground art gallery featuring M.F.Hussain’s art and designed by renowned modern architect (and Le Corbusier’s protégé) B.V. Doshi. The contemporary structure combines both natural and ancient aspects.  The caves resemble tortoise backs while the mosaic tiles on the roof are a call out to Jain temple architecture. Hussain’s paintings on the walls bring Paleolithic cave paintings to mind.


Designed for a textile baron, the House of MG is a lovely heritage hotel to explore Ahmedabad from. We love its artisanal take on décor, championing local design & craft.

House of MG. Image Source 


Right opposite the Sidi Sayyed Mosque is Agashiye, a terrace restaurant specialising in Gujurati cuisine with a focus on seasonal produce.


A design, lifestyle & dining hub, the Project Café dons many hats at the same time. With an eye towards creation & curation, the Project Café is home to India’s finest designers. Plus, you can get a whiff of Bombay Perfumery’s fragrances there!

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