Symbolizing the beginning of spring, Violets are one of the most loved flowers across the world with their dainty nature and myth-laden meanings. There are many variants of the flower and is used in medicine and perfumery predominantly.

There are several legends that speak of violets – in fact, it is the natural flower of Greece because of the abundance of its presence in myths – and stands for spirituality, purity & humility on one hand and royalty and power on the other.

Here’s a few of our favourite myths…

Athens is often called the ‘Violet-Crowned City’. It harks back to ancient times when Ion, the founder, was crowned and the water nymphs expressed their support by offering violets as a sign of their support. The flowers became Athens’ symbol and no hearth or home was complete without these.

Another legend talks of how Zeus fell in love with Io, a nymph. To hide her from Hera’s range, he turned her into a cow and then created the sweet violets for her to eat, instead of coarse grass.

In Christian art, violets symbolize The Virgin Mary’s humility. One tale talks how violets were originally white until Mary saw her son suffer on the cross. At the time, all the white turned to purple to echo her anguish.

In modern times, Napolean, when he was exiled on the island of Elba, stated he would return in spring with the violets. This was used as a code by his supporters, who when asked ‘Do you like violets’, instead of saying yes or no, would say ‘Eh Bien’, thereby expressing their loyalty.

In our Seven Islands perfume, Violet is a heart base, along with Peach, Jasmine and Frankincense. Its woody-floral scent is enhanced by peach’s sweetness, jasmine’s freshness and frankincense’s citrusy woodiness.


September 17, 2016 — Digital Impressions