The Oil of Tranquillity – Vetiver

Quiet mornings in – that quick jolt of recognition when you spot a kindred soul – nonverbal conversations – a rejuvenating piece of art is all what Les Cayes believes in.

Named after the Haitian port, Les Cayes belongs to the woody & citrus family, with a bouquet that boasts of both rich and fresh notes – a sharp move away from conventional men’s fragrances. Indeed, at the heart of it, Les Cayes draws an element of minimal cool from one of its key ingredients Vetiver.

A traditional oil in India, its usage in Ayurvedic medicine ranged from healing and pacifying to beauty. Within perfumery, the oil is well-regarded for its distinctive scent and is often used in more masculine fragrances.

Vetiver’s warm earthiness is tinged with a bit of lemony cool – it’s related to the aromatic lemongrass – that makes it very tough to replicate in a synthetic form. The tropical grass is native to India, where it’s known as khus, however, we source it from Haiti that’s known for its artistry in distilling the oil and for its floral aura as compared to Java’s smokier vetiver, for instance.

For our Les Cayes, Vetiver is one of its three base ingredients, along with Clary Sage & Musk; while the clary sage provides a nutty scent to the mix, the musk adds balance to the composition. Together, a vibrant base is created upon which Les Cayes is built.

September 17, 2016 — Digital Impressions