In our latest series, we explore how exactly some of the more rare ingredients we work with smell. Today, it’s all about the exotic Osmanthus Flower.

What does Osmanthus Flower smell like?

A key ingredient in our unisex fragrance Chai Musk, Osmanthus is native to Asia, especially China, Japan, and Korea. With over thirty different species of flowering plants, Osmanthus is quite popular and has a variety of uses, from medicinal to culinary, along with having a strong presence in Chinese culture.

Though it’s quite popular in the East, it’s a lesser-known ingredient around the world. In Perfumery, the flowers are used for their scent. Usually, they change from silvery white to goldish orange to red in the span of its lifetime. However, for perfumery, the goldish orange flowers are used as they tend to have the notes that truly stand out.

Osmanthus is known for its complex blend of freshness and fruity-leathery notes. Almost reminiscent of decadent apricots and peaches, the flower is highly fragrant – fresh, sweet and powerful in equal terms. Technically speaking, Osmanthus has a white floral note and peachy-milky notes that lead to a very distinct flavour profile.

For our Chai Musk, osmanthus adds that hit of sublime sweetness that elevates the fragrance’s fresh and musky profile.


June 28, 2019 — Digital Impressions