In our latest series, we explore how exactly some of the more rare ingredients we work with smell. Today, it’s all about classic Myrhh.

An ingredient that has been ingrained in our collective minds since the dawn of time, Myrhh is at once mysterious and iconic. An integral part of our unisex perfume 1020, it lends warmth and earthiness to a fragrance.

Originating from Northeast Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, the name ‘Myrhh’ comes from the Arabic word ‘murr’ meaning bitter. Known for its medicinal properties, it is actually a natural gum or resin extracted from the small thorny tree species belonging to the genus Commiphora.

The uses of Myrhh range from medicinal – it is an essential ingredient in Ayurveda – to incense and perfumery. In the past, it has played an important role in religious rituals as well in Ancient Egypt, Islam & Christianity.

The myrhh resin is extracted twice a year by a process known as Tapping. An incision is made in the tea trunk from where one can access the gum resin reservoirs.

Myrhh is known for its sweet yet nutty and warm profile – much like a mix of sandalwood and cedarwood mixed with vanilla. The earthy and musky ingredient adds depth and a slight bit of darkness to a fragrance. In our unisex fragrance 1020, Myrhh is one of the base ingredients, the ones that give a foundation to the fragrance.


July 16, 2019 — Digital Impressions