Being a progressive perfumery, creativity, reinvention and collaboration is something we believe in. It’s all about being inspired by the past and creating something radical out of it. For our official launch in Mumbai, we set out to create a Sensorium that would explore beyond the boundaries of conventional perfumery.

The Sensorium is an experiental space where members of Mumbai’s creative community tapped into their strengths to create their interpretations of our 8 scents. Ranging from Pooja Dhingra who specialises in gastronomy to Sandunes + Jiver who created an audiovisual sensory track to Nazneen Jehangir’s floral ode to Mumbai’s dabbawalas, we saw some truly intriguing art.

Join us behind the scenes as we introduce our collaborators, their inspirations and installations.

Ashiesh Shah – Interior Design

Krsna Mehta – Contemporary Design

Lekha Washington – Product Design

Pooja Dhingra – Gastronomy

Sanket Avlani – Art Direction

Sandunes + Jiver – Electronica

Shweta Malhotra – Illustration

Nazneen Jehangir – Floral Couture

Colston Julian – Photography


Unboxing the fragrances

The interactive Bombay Stampede by Lekha Washington

 Nazneen Jehangir in front of her installation Mumbai in eMotion

Pooja Dhingra created an edible candy lab inspired by our fragrance, 1020

Krsnaa Mehta in front of his Bombay Sensation, inspired by Art Deco & Bombay Perfumery

Lekha Washington in front of her Bombay Stampede


November 14, 2016 — Digital Impressions