A highly acclaimed architect and interior design, Ashiesh Shah is also known for his discerning eye when it comes to art. Asking him to be on board for our Sensorium was both a no-brainer and a privilege.

Taken in by our bottle, which is in itself a reinvention of the traditional Indian matka, he created a lamp stand. Characterised by a vocabulary of clean lines and geometric forms, the stand appears minimal but is full of subtle details.

Perhaps the juxtaposition of materials is what keeps the eye drawn to the object. Created using brass, the stand appears almost sculptural – and when paired with the immaterial liquid perfume form, it represents both the tangible and the intangible.


Drawing inspiration from mid century masters like Le Corbusier and Ettore Sottsass, the stand exudes an almost vintage meets contemporary feel.


November 15, 2016 — Digital Impressions