Strong, earthy, flavourful. Though often lambasted for being too bland, Vanilla adds a sort of distinctive freshness and depth to a scent that makes it stand out.

Vanilla Planifolia (source)

Originating from Mexico, vanilla became popular when the Europeans reached America in the 17th century. First used to flavour food and as a common ingredient in medicines due to its taste & smell, vanilla has steadily become of the most recognizable scents across the world.

Though there are many strains, two, in particular, are preferred due to their distinctive aroma. Vanilla Planifolia grows in tropical climes such as Mexico, the Caribbean, and South America – this is often considered one of the best strains as it originally grew in Mexico but today, it’s not used as much as Vanilla Bourbon. Originating from Madagascar, this strain is similar to the Planifolia but due to the change in soil & temperatures, it’s slightly different.

The process of extracting vanilla is an intriguing one. The green beans harvested in June and August are scalded and dried for about six months and are ready for extraction in January and February. This process allows for the Vanillin, the molecule that gives the distinctive profile, to emerge.

Vanilla’s a key ingredient at Bombay Perfumery. Featured in our brand new fine fragrance Moon Set that has a rich olfactive family of amber, vanilla and patchouli, it acts as a balancing ingredient.




Lead Image by Ekrem Canli, source


January 25, 2019 — Digital Impressions