Decadent, mysterious, luxurious – Oud is all that and much more. A highly revered ingredient commonly known as “Liquid Gold” in the fragrance world, it’s one of the headliners in our brand new fine fragrance candle, Blushing Oud.

The distinctive scent originates from the wood of the South East Asian agar tree. When the wood is affected by a particular type of mold, it produces a dark resin which, when extracted, is known as Oud. The super-rare ingredient is much in demand, for its scarcity (the very best oud comes from very old trees), as well as its particular scent which achieves the balance between sweet and deep.


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 Oud has been used for centuries in Asian and Middle Eastern cultures, mainly for religious and festive purposes, in an incense form. Medicinally, it has been used by Chinese practitioners whilst its oil has been used for perfume in Arabic countries.

Though there are a multitude of ways to extract the oil, today, it’s quite time- and cost-sensitive to do so. Perfumeries and incense makers prefer to use a synthetic version of oud, as compared to the all-natural one. For our Blushing Oud, we’ve used a blend of natural and synthetic Ouds to bring about a layer of complexity.

For our fine fragrance candle, the aim was to celebrate the ingredients like never before. We paired deep oud with romantic roses for a distinctive fragrance that evokes & is evocative of memories.


January 02, 2019 — Digital Impressions