I’m visiting the beautiful island country of Haiti (again) to source the finest quality vetiver oil in the world. Vetiver is an important ingredient in every perfumer’s palette with warm woody facets, subtle refreshing citrus-grapefruit aspects and rich earthy tones. Interestingly vetiver (known locally in India as khus) was first introduced to this region by Indians. At Bombay Perfumery, we developed one of our fragrances with Haitian vetiver as a central component to highlight this beautiful root that plunges deep into the earth and soaks up all its golden warmth.

Even before landing in colourful Port Au Prince, I’m welcomed to the Caribbean by some of the most stunning waterscapes I’ve ever laid my eyes on from my airplane window – turquoise waters and coral stretching for miles

I’m spending some time in the bustling capital first, a city that would make any Instagrammer worth their salt stop every few seconds to capture the explosion of colours on homes, shopfronts and street side stalls selling beautiful Haitian art. Not to be missed are the coolest public transport buses you will ever see, that second as moving art-pieces paying homages to football stars, local musicians and Rihanna.

July 29, 2015 — Digital Impressions