Scent Tales : Star Anise 7 February 2020

In our latest series, we explore how exactly some of the more rare ingredients we work with smell. Today, we talk about the intriguing Star Anise.

Intense in its approach, Star Anise is known for its recognizable aroma and its star-like detailing. Originating from Vietnam and China, the fruit of this evergreen tree is dried to create both the spice and fragrance.

With culinary, medicinal, olfactory and symbolic uses, Star Anise is perhaps known best for its place in Japanese myth which states that it wards off the evil eye and brings good luck in money and love. Its incense is used in worship in Japanese temples.

The olfactory profile of Star Anise is both familiar yet unfamiliar. With a strong licorice-like profile, Star Anise is warm, sweet and aromatic. It is balanced beautifully when it is mixed with Cardamom and Citrus notes, bringing both similarity and contrast to the table.

In our recently-launched Ela, we have paired this hard-working ingredient with Cardamom and Citrus to create a warm yet fresh fine fragrance candle. Experience it online today.

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February 07, 2020 — Digital Impressions