Like perfumery, architecture has the transformative power to propel one to the future or remind one of a time gone by. In our latest series, we’ve decoded the link between our fragrances to architectural styles that reflect them the most.

Our men’s fragrance Sulawesi is a conversation between what’s known and what’s unknown. Highlighted by patchouli sourced from Indonesia, the fragrance is elevated by the use of custard apple, which is quite rare in the world of perfumery.

This contrast adds depth to the fragrance, and transports one to a tropical locale reminiscent of Geoffrey Bawa’s inside out structures.

Gardens at the Parliament by Geoffrey Bawa. Image by Harry Snowden. 

The role tropical modernism plays is dual – aesthetically, the modernist form interacts with the surroundings beautifully, but secondly, it’s highly contextual. Distinctive and imposing, modern architecture cut off all ties with the overly-effusive architectural styles that came before it. It made a statement. In comparison, tropical modernism picked up the principles modernism propagated but wove in the story of the locale in its detailing.

Secret Garden House by Wallflower Architecture + Design, Singapore

That’s where we see the connect between Tropical Modernism and Sulawesi. Definitely strong, both are sneakily subtle in delivering their message across.

Lead Image : Jungle House by Studio M27

February 09, 2018 — Digital Impressions