Like perfumery, architecture has the transformative power to propel one to the future or remind one of a time gone by. In our latest series, we’ve decoded the link between our fragrances to architectural styles that reflect them the most.

South India is known for its statuesque Temple Architecture, with its intricate detailing & monumental size. However, when it comes to modernist architecture, a different kind of structure had taken over the landscape, starting just before Independence and leading up to the 1970s & 80s – Cinema House Architecture.


Image by Sabine Haubitz & Stefanie Zoche, source


Highlighted by its hybridity, the cinema houses are modern yet traditional in their design, inspired by a new vision for India. Cinema houses, especially in the South, are a community centre of sorts, a perfect canvas to play out this modernity. Colour, proportion and nostalgia play out together, much like in Calicut, an ancient trading port from where our men’s fragrance Calicut is inspired. Black pepper, Cardamom, Patchouli & Musk create a blockbuster statement.



Lead image by Sabine Haubitz & Stefanie Zoche, source

April 09, 2018 — Digital Impressions