Notes is our latest series on exploring the dynamics of creativity over an informal break. We chatted with some of the most eminent as well as some of the upcoming artists in India today. Today, we talk to graphic designer Shweta Malhotra about her journey & inspirations.

Could you tell us a little about your journey towards design?

After graduating in Applied Arts from Sophia Polytechnic (Bombay) in 2004, I started out as an Art Director with advertising agencies like McCann Erickson, Contract Advertising and Ogilvy. In Feb 2008, after a short stint at Fabrica (Benetton’s Visual Arts Research Centre in Italy), I decided to pursue a career in Graphic Design and have since worked with firms like Grandmother India and Rediffusion Y&R Design.

I currently work as an independent graphic designer/graphic artist with a keen interest in design for lifestyle, music and fashion.

I don’t think I can pin point one piece of work really, but currently I’d say – Carmen Herrera’a Exhibit – ‘Lines of Sight’ which is currently on display at the Whitney Museum, New York.

Green & Orange by Carmen Herrera. Image by Chi Lam.

You’re known for your iconic deconstruction of popular looks – could you offer us a sneak peek into your thought process when you set out to design them?

My overall style of work is very minimal, geometric, bold and graphic. I try to strip down a visual/element off details to its most basic form, yet maintaining its essence.

Seascape inspired by Varkala –  Shweta Malhotra

The fashion illustrations came out of my love for fashion and graphic design, I started picking my favourite looks and illustrating them in a similar style.

What are your favourite accounts on Instagram?

Again too many, but here are a few –
















What does your playlist look like?

It’s mostly a lot of R&B/Hip hop, Electronic, Disco.

What was your inspiration for your piece Seven Islands for our Sensorium?

The inspiration for the Seven Islands Artwork was the Bombay seascape and its horizon along with the fruity marine and floral hints of the fragrance. All of this coming together in a dreamlike image.


January 02, 2017 — Digital Impressions