Inspired by travels near & far, the Bombay Perfumery Fine Fragrance Candles walk down the same path that our perfumes set out on. Modern in aesthetic, yet Indian at heart, the candles are inspired by fine ingredients and crafted to tell stories.

Pondicherry Yellow, our most vibrant candle of the three, is inspired by the mundane-turned-extraordinary Turmeric. Evocative of a tropical vibe, the candle transports one to lazy afternoons spent in shaded verandahs. Balanced by ginger, hazelnut, coconut milk & sandalwood, among others, the candle would be perfect lit during informal dinner parties.

If there ever was a phrase to describe Blushing Oud, it would have to ‘A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream’. The poetic candle is a mix of mystery and romance, with decadent oud and timeless roses taking centrestage, and is taken to another level with precious saffron, raspberries, myrhh and dry woods.

Inspired by contemplation, Moon Set is made for quieter times. Conversations between freesia and patchouli, vanilla and amber set the tone for this quiet yet assertive fine fragrance candle.

October 16, 2018 — Digital Impressions