Though we believe that if you like a fragrance, you should use it no matter what, at times, a fragrance can enhance & reflect the time you’re wearing it for. A sunny day often calls for freshness & an evening event calls for an air of mystery.

Apart from mood, season often plays a role too. Freshness and summer goes hand in hand on account of higher temperatures, but, in the winters, a more subtle fragrance would cinch the deal.

Day Perfumes

A good thumb rule to start with is, the heavier the fragrance, the less suited for the day. Ingredients like lemon, bergamot, vanilla, orange and peach are fruity, sweet & fresh, making them a great note to have in one’s fragrance – especially in the summer.

During winter, calm ingredients like vetiver, ginger, patchouli and cinnamon add depth to a fragrance.

Night Perfumes

Once again, choosing what to wear at night depends on the weather. Warmer climates call for more tropical yet sophisticated ingredients like black pepper, ginger, musk and jasmine.

Cooler climates call for subtle yet powerful ingredients – think cedarwood, amber and leather for instance.






March 07, 2018 — Digital Impressions