In a nutshell, Bombay Perfumery is about indie artistry meeting contemporary style. Inspired by traditional know-how, we’re also driven by a need to use the best of innovative tech. One of the most intriguing methods out there to extract the essence of an object is Head Space technology.

Reminiscent of futuristic design, the tech aims to capture the ambient fragrance around an object. Say you want to capture the exact experience of smelling a rose. A clear sphere is locked around the rose and it acts like a camera in that it captures the molecules around the rose. This gives the perfumer raw data to understand the chemical make-up of the rose as it is.

Head Space allows for leaps and bounds in perfumery, moving beyond natural and synthetic ingredients to capture the essence of a certain phenomenon to evoke memories. For our Moire perfume, we’ve used the technology to capture the fragrance of a newly-made leather bag – a rich aroma that brings to mind a polished English air.

September 17, 2016 — Digital Impressions