Of Scent & Space : Les Cayes 6 June 2018

Like perfumery, architecture has the transformative power to propel one to the future or remind one of a time gone by. In our latest series, we’ve decoded the link between our fragrances to architectural styles that reflect them the most.

Airy & open, our men’s fragrance Les Cayes is named after the Haitian town from where our vetiver is sourced from. The laidback fragrance has an undertone of a tropical island – think of nature & concrete living harmoniously, side by side.


Luis Barragan’s emotional landscape architecture is almost simplistic in the way he treats concrete.  Barragan is known for crafting a beautiful juxtaposition with the outdoors – building meets sky in a rather un-pretentious manner.

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Earthiness and freshness define Les Cayes with its citrus & vetiver highlights. The maximal citrus is balanced by minimal vetiver, much like how Barragan’s concrete structures are quietened down with the inclusion of nature.


Lead image by Šarūnas Burdulis