Inspired by : Calligraphy 1 March 2019

Our new series Inspired By looks at intriguing thought processes and awe-inspiring works of art that inspire, amuse, and encourage us. 

Elegant, timeless, graceful – the art of calligraphy brings decadent style to mind. Its ornate style brings heritage to mind though it has been a study in evolution. Often accompanied by art, especially in times gone by, calligraphy reveals a nuanced tale.

Blushing Oud, one of our three new candles, is a story of decadence and modernism, with its rich notes of oudh and roses. Romantic and nostalgic, it brings letter-writing to our mind, which is why we love the art of Calligraphy…

                                                                                     Folio from the Lindisfarne Gospels, circa 700 AD. Source

Onna sanjūrokkasen by Chobunsai Eishi & Katsushika Hokusai, 1801. Source

calligraphy (1)

Variable Calligraphy by Dalibor Chatrny, 1969. Source.

shah jahan

Detail from the Shah Jahan Album, circ 1640-1650. Source

Lead image source