Bombay Perfumery is a contemporary fragrance house based out of Mumbai that focuses on offering progressive perfumery trends to its customers. With a rich legacy of 30 years in the business of fragrances, we understand how various ingredients work together to create distinct fragrances that are long lasting and full of character.

Bombay Perfumery is a labor of love where each perfume is carefully built so as to highlight the provenance of the ingredients that go into it, evoking a distinct memory every time you open the bottle. We invite you to explore the beautiful world of perfumery with our range of eau de parfums, which are Indian at heart, modern in their aesthetic and unique in the experience they provide.

  • (Operations / Logistics) - +91 22-24198858
  • (Press / Business Dev) - +91 9920951061
  • Business Hours: Mon-Fri (10am - 6pm)
  • Office Address

    31, Manoj Industrial Estate
    Unit No - 14
    G D Ambekar Road
    Maharashtra - 400031

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